Léon the Singer is the total package: singer, songwriter, musician and dancer. He is the quintessential millenial pop artist, with music and performances that are setting a new standard for the contemporary pop scene. His sound could be considered the love child of a threesome between Madonna, James Blake and David Bowie; and his songwriting refects on his experience as a queer artist seeking a sense of identity, self- empowerment and intimacy. In addition to being a self-taught, multi - talented musician, Léon is a trained dancer and pulls infuences from European contemporary dance choreographers such as Dimitris Papaioannou and Pina Bausch, which creates a unique performance aesthetic that is unprecedented in this feld.Léon The Singer is defnitely the artist you want to keep on your radar. In 2021, Léon comes back with a brilliant new project: 'The Noise Beside Your Thoughts'